Everyone Hates the Sleds

In the JunkYard there is no other thing dreaded more than the SLED.

We use two of them, and it is definitely a Love/Hate relationship.

There is no other activity in the Junkyard that brings you closer to puking (or puking consecutive days) than sled work.

The upside is that this activity burns the most amount of calories. It is by far the best bang for the buck.

And while it can kick the shit out of you, nothing comes close in improving your cardio vascular endurance and capacity.

Here are some examples of the work we do….

1. Weighted Sled Pushes


2. Weighted Sled Sprints


3. Weighted Sled Rope Rows


4. Weighted Sled Walking Lunges


The pics show it all, there is nothing else for me to say. See you in the JunkYard !