SUFJYT Workout Playing Cards

For the 2016 SUFJYT season I decided to create customized Junkyard playing cards.


Since the creation of Junkyard, the last thing to do was a randomly thought of gauntlet exercise course to complete the workout. In order to keep things exciting and random, I thought adding a card game would be a great way to keep everyone engaged and involved. The cards have all the possible exercises involved in the course as well as some other cards to keep things interesting. Best part about it is that we use our own athletes for the photos.

Take a look at these two YouTube videos….

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Nutrabio Intra Blast Powers Junkyard

Training hard at Junkyard throughout the warmer months can def takes its toll. Hydration and energy at times becomes an issue. That issue has been solved with the introduction of Nutrabio Intra Blast to the Sunday Junkyard sessions. This supplement not only tastes great but will help keep the participants energetic as well as hydrated.


26010INTRA AMINO without question is the most advanced intra-workout amino acid product ever created. Every ingredient has an incredible dose to help accelerate your recovery and fuel your performance. Take a look at any competitor on the market and you’ll see they fall short in some area of their formulation. We recognized this and decided to put your recovery and performance first. What we’ve come up with is a highly advanced formulation built specifically for the performance and recovery needs of any serious athlete.  You TRAIN WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and we’ve put every ounce of effort into creating INTRA AMINO WITHOUT COMPROMISE.


  • Boosts recovery while your train†
  • Accelerates strength, endurance &performance†
  • Replenish and rehydrate†
  • Advanced electrolyte performance matrix†
  • Zero fillers or additives
  • 100% Transparent Label

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JunkYard Adds Rogue Landmines

In order to add more weight lifting capabilities to the Junkyard Training classes held at World Gym Babylon, it was decided to add Rogue Landmines into the mix.

The landmines allow people to perform a wide array of exercises. Some include double and single arm rows, standing single and double arm shoulder press, deadlifts etc.

Junkyard now has a larger focus on weight training which will help to build more lean muscle during the group fitness class. This is balanced with the other stations which focus more on cardio, conditioning, and functional training. It can be said with confidence that Sci-Unison Fitness Junkyard Training (SUFJYT) has stuck the perfect balance of all the styles and methods of training.

– Landmines by Rogue


1. Double Arm T-bar Rows


2. Single Arm Shoulder Press and Deadlifts


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SUF Junkyard Training 2015

Sci-Unison Fitness Junkyard Training (SUFJYT) has officially started on 4/17/2015.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00-8:15am ; Sundays 9:30-10:45am.

All Classes will take place at World Gym Babylon and will be conducted by Long Island Personal Trainer Ryan Sullivan.


Everyone Hates the Sleds

In the JunkYard there is no other thing dreaded more than the SLED.

We use two of them, and it is definitely a Love/Hate relationship.

There is no other activity in the Junkyard that brings you closer to puking (or puking consecutive days) than sled work.

The upside is that this activity burns the most amount of calories. It is by far the best bang for the buck.

And while it can kick the shit out of you, nothing comes close in improving your cardio vascular endurance and capacity.

Here are some examples of the work we do….

1. Weighted Sled Pushes


2. Weighted Sled Sprints


3. Weighted Sled Rope Rows


4. Weighted Sled Walking Lunges


The pics show it all, there is nothing else for me to say. See you in the JunkYard !

Junkyard Functional Training

Sci-Unison Fitness Junkyard Training has many benefits. One of them is the functional training aspect.

SUFJYT helps to supplement any weight training program. The movements and exercises performed during JunkYard sessions are much different than most exercises performed in the gym. This leads to more muscle stimulation and fiber recruitment.

One example is the sledgehammer work performed with the giant tire. This exercise help strengthen the shoulders, back, and core.



Another example is the many things that can be performed using the Devastator Equipment. This custom built unit allows multiple people to work different muscle groups simultaneously. There are plenty of band attachments on this machine to allow clients to hit a wide array of of body parts.



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Welcome to ( This site was designed to help people get in great shape with Sci-Unison Fitness JunkYard Training. JunkYard training is a group fitness, boot camp style class offered by Ryan Sullivan of Sci-Unison Fitness. Classes are at World Gm Babylon.

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